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  • How do you become a travel agent?
You don't need to take any specific course, but you must have knowledge about foreign languages and geography for tourism.
  • How did you become a travel agent?
For me it was easier because we're in a region with special regulations. A law states that if you want to open a Travel Agency you can do this by joining a Sports Club for example; this law allows anybody to start their activity by doing so and without having a special licence... So, for me it was enough to join the Sports Club Cartur to have my Travel Agency.
  • What are your main functions?
Mainly I work as an intermediary. Almost 90% of all the travel agencies work this way as well. Selling through a catalogue is easier than selling a holiday that you planned by yourself.
  • Is the e-commerce a problem currently?
There are two sides of a coin, some years ago it wasn't so easy for me to understand the value of the Internet. Before it became so popular, all costumers used to ask the travel agent for help or whatever information they might need to have. This was an advantage for us because we could create a sort of relationship between customer and seller.‚Äč Now, the people find out information about the holiday on the Internet before booking their holiday by a travel agency. Customers often know more than the travel agent himself. Anyway, today the Internet is useful, because it helps us to promote our agencies, and we can also find lots of further information about hotels, flight- tickets, trains and all we could need.
  • Which age group do you cater for the most and which are the most popular destinations they choose?
Our customers are mostly young, and usually don't have such a rich economical budget, so our target is classified ad medium-low. Some of the most wanted destinations are Kenya, Zanzibar, Caribbean, Red Sea and during Christmas time people prefer the European capitals.
  • What kind of complaints do you usually receive?
Owing to overbooking on the ariplains we receive many complaints and mostly during High Season. Many people complain about Hotels: their reasons are different, for example: the staff and the service quality, the cleaniness, the air conditioning that didn't work, and more...
  • Have you noticed any changes of the Package Holidays' prices during these years?
Although the Internet which steals us customer and the economical crisis we gained lots of money during the first semester of the year 2002 thank to the introduction of Euro: during those months people didn't really know how much they were spending and so we earned about the 30-40% on the rate exchange. Anyway, year after year the prices riched their stability.