fotogusti2.jpgFESTIVALS and ....

Hi everybody! This page is dedicated to the Festivals that take place in Gorizia and the traditions of the town. Everything started when our teachers suggested to get some information about very interesting events; we wanted to do something original and peculiar so we decided to interview the people in charge of the organisation of each event.
We organized ourselves into groups and each group chose an event to talk about:

-Premio Seghizzi,
-Premio Rodolfo Lipizer,
-Festival del Folklore,
-Premio Amidei,
-Gusti di Frontiera,
-Fiera di S. Andrea,
-Rievocazione Storica del Castello di Gorizia

We came closer to these events and surely closer to the traditions of our town. Now, give a look to what our city offers to you all the year long and enjoy our interviews!