Hi girls..we have almost finished it!! This project permitted us to know some wonders of our territory and to improve our computer skills. Sara

Micol: The final result is more than positve! I like it and most important our site is original!

Hello, everybody!! Here is the result of our work!! This project is indeed useful, because each of us collaborated to creat it, so we hope that those who are interested in our town can enjoy our website!!! Jialun

This project has been useful mainly to exercise english and to learn new computer programs.The arguments are interesting and funny.I had fun to create different pages and finally i invite you to visit "OUR TOWN PROJECT"!!!(Giorgia R.)

This project has been very gratifying!! I had a lot of fun to job and collaborate with my classmates: search pictures and information, create our pages, use a new programme. Besides it has been a possibility to expand our english and learn to work with the computer. I suggest visiting it, it is great!! (Giorgia M.)

Francesca: i suggest everybody to discover our project because it's really well done and very interesting for those who are attracted by our city's culture and traditions.